Need More than Hyperconverged Infrastructure?

Hyperconvergence can bring radical simplicity to private clouds. But, it takes much more to build an enterprise datacenter with the power of public cloud.


Hello, Enterprise Cloud!

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform combines the agility and one-click simplicity of public cloud infrastructure with security, control, predictable economics and the performance you need from a private cloud.

Let's Build it

It starts with the building blocks of hyperconverged infrastructure: removing datacenter complexity by bringing storage and servers together.


Why manage your network separately? With an Enterprise Cloud, networks adapt to business applications, and provide full visibility of physical and virtual network resources.


With Nutanix, the hypervisor is no longer a standalone product – it’s just a feature of the Enterprise Cloud Platform.


Datacenters are prone to both external and internal threats. Nutanix Enterprise Cloud includes native security services that protect against attacks originating inside and outside the datacenter, keeping data and applications secure and compliant.


Legacy applications need to coexist in a world with modern, cloud-native services that are agile and containerized. Nutanix Enterprise Cloud supports all applications—the old and the new.

App Mobility

Make your IT infrastructure truly invisible, so you can focus on the applications and services that power the business. Seamlessly move your applications to the right infrastructure or cloud as your business evolves. No more vendor lock-in!

One-Click Automation

Nutanix Enterprise Cloud brings you the benefits of one-click simplicity and full stack automation. Build your cloud in minutes and run your applications without waiting weeks or months.

Machine Intelligence

To take IT simplicity to the next level, your Enterprise Cloud needs to be self-learning. Rich machine intelligence enables infrastructure to adapt to application needs so that services run efficiently and reliably.

Any App, Any Scale

The Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform enables you to run any application, at any scale. Built on the foundation of hyperconverged infrastructure, it uniquely delivers the agility and simplicity of public clouds in your datacenter.

Meet the Builders

The world’s most advanced datacenters are building their Enterprise Cloud with Nutanix.

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