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Nutanix Social Responsibility Program

At Nutanix, we care for the global communities where we live and work

Our corporate social responsibility program – .heart – symbolizes our culture of empathy and giving back. The Nutanix culture also fosters a passion for technology, and through .heart we actively contribute our voice, time and technologies to initiatives that help nurture that passion in everyone.

.heart at .NEXT

.heart is excited to participate in the 2017 .NEXT  Conference!

A Focus on Diversity

We all benefit from a variety of perspectives and the creative energy that comes from a diverse and inclusive work environment. At Nutanix, we believe strongly in the power of diversity to contribute to innovation and satisfaction in the workplace. Our .heart initiatives support diversity programs that help bring that same power to all institutions.

By adding our voice to those who are promoting diversity and inclusion, we help to amplify the cry for change. Our own experts and champions attend events, speak and share their best practices. And with our .NEXT conference and our Diversity Leadership Series, we provide a stage to others to do the same. It is through awareness, sharing and collectively innovating that we will help make an impact.

Life is hectic. The demands of work, family and friends often leave little time to dedicate to giving back to the community. That’s why Nutanix provides our employees with volunteer time off to contribute up to 20 work hours annually at nonprofit organizations.

Access to cutting edge technology can help organizations in multiple ways. For some, it allows them to operate smoothly so that they can concentrate on their core philanthropic mission. For others, it allows them to provide hands-on experience with products and technologies that build important work skills. Nutanix is piloting a program with San Jose State University to provide free and discounted products to those nonprofit organizations with programs that support diversity initiatives and enable those with a passion for technology to pursue it. To see if your organization qualifies, contact

Girls in Tech Mentoring Initiative

Nutanix leaders share their experiences and advice with Girls in Tech members.

Nutanix CIO Wendy Pfeiffer Shares Words of Encouragement

Wendy shares her experiences with up and coming entrepreneurs and future tech leaders as part of the Girls in Tech new video mentoring initiative.

Nutanix CEO/Founder Dheeraj Pandey Shares His Experience

Dheeraj thoughtfully answers question for upcoming women entrepreneurs and future tech leaders as part of the Girls in Tech new video mentoring initiative.

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