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Nutanix Calm

Application-centric IT Automation

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Application Lifecycle Management and Cloud Orchestration


Nutanix Calm adds native application orchestration and lifecycle management to the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud Platform. Calm decouples application management from the underlying infrastructure – enabling applications to be easily deployed into private or public cloud environments. The addition of advanced application management to the Nutanix platform turns common tasks into repeatable automations accessible to all IT teams, without giving up control across the infrastructure stack.

Calm brings advanced policy-based governance, allowing applications to be automatically provisioned into public clouds, with full visibility of cost and utilization. Organizations can intelligently balance renting versus buying when making infrastructure decisions. A common framework for modeling both applications and infrastructure breaks down rigid IT silos and accelerates the overall time to production for critical applications and services.

Application-centric Automation

Fully integrated into the Nutanix platform, Calm delivers a powerful, common management framework that can be simultaneously leveraged by multiple IT teams to rapidly create and deliver applications.

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Application Lifecycle Management

Simplify the set-up and management of custom enterprise applications by incorporating all elements of each app, including relevant VMs, configurations and related binaries, into an easy-to-use-blueprint that is managed by the infrastructure team. By making the deployment and lifecycle management of common applications both automated and easily repeatable, infrastructure teams can eliminate the hours and days devoted to routine application management.


End-to-End Application View

View and provision complete applications, not just individual application components, such as VMs.

Definable Actions and Dependencies

Define lifecycle policies that automate the configuration of multiple app components in a single operation.

Unified Application Language

Provide a single flexible construct to improve collaboration between teams and avoid cross-discipline errors.

Self-service Provisioning with Nutanix Marketplace

Blueprints can be published directly for end user consumption through the Nutanix Marketplace, giving application owners and developers the ability to request IT services that can then be instantly provisioned.


Local Marketplace

Configure and publish custom app blueprints for internal consumption, sharing best practices and operational expertise between groups.

Global Marketplace

Download pre-integrated and validated blueprints from the Nutanix Marketplace to quickly introduce new applications into the environment.

Role-based Governance

Provide IT administrators with role-based governance that limits user operations based on permissions. All activities and changes are centrally logged for end-to-end traceability and debugging, aiding security teams with key compliance initiatives.

All Platforms, One Service

Single, unified interface for managing applications across multiple infrastructures.

Detailed Budgeting

Department and group-level chargeback and cost controls to carefully monitor IT expenses across public and private clouds.

End-to-End Audits

Capture all changes to the IT environment across the full infrastructure stack – storage, compute, virtualization and applications.

Hybrid Cloud Management

Automate the provisioning of hybrid cloud architectures, scaling both multi-tiered and distributed applications across different cloud environments. Calm’s policy-based reporting shows the overall utilization and true cost of your public cloud consumption at a glance so that application provisioning decisions are based on business needs and budget requirements.

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