One-click Operational Insights

Actionable business intelligence about infrastructure performance

Powered by advanced machine learning technology with built-in heuristics and business intelligence, Prism mines large volumes of system data about day-to-day operations of the datacenter to generate actionable insights for optimizing infrastructure performance.  Prism makes this information available via Customizable Dashboards, Instant Search and reporting.

Prism Central and Prism Pro Tech Note

Configure, monitor, and analyze Nutanix clusters running any hypervisor.

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Customizable Operations Dashboard

Monitor data you care about the most through visually rich dashboards that provide a quick summary of application and infrastructure state. Be confident in actionable information that is backed by user tunable key performance indicators (KPIs) with anomaly detection.

Nutanix Prism Customizable Operations Dashboard

At-a-glance View

Monitor various aspects of the infrastructure including virtual machines, storage, networking and cluster across different attributes such as performance, availability, health and optimization recommendations.

Comprehensive Metrics

Create widgets to monitor storage usage, performance latency, capacity runway, and more. Add as many widgets to the Prism home screen as desired, and customize to your needs.

System Troubleshooting

Reduce the mean time to restore from failures by quickly understanding system behavior and performing actions. Create widgets for KPIs, alerts, and SLAs for proactive monitoring.

Instant Search

Prism Instant Search removes the learning curve involved in adopting new management tools through a search-first experience. Instead of navigating through dozens of complex wizards, centralized multi-site search provides instant access to information based on full-text search terms. Experience consumer-quality search and get actionable results.

Nutanix Prism Instant Search

Free Text Search

Type search terms in free text, and Prism will display accurate, contextual and actionable results instantaneously. For example, “Turn off my TestSQL VM” will show results related to the “TestSQL” virtual machine and provide an option to turn it off in one click.

Advanced Search Capabilities

Auto-complete, auto-correct, the ability to save search history and search shortcuts are all supported. Saved searches can help simplify actions performed on a frequent basis.

Centralized Multi-site Search

Search is performed across all entities within a Nutanix deployment – virtual machines, clusters, network settings, knowledge base articles, alerts – and results are displayed for easy action.

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