One-click Planning

Advanced capacity usage analysis and recommendations

Prism delivers advanced capacity planning capabilities powered by patent pending X-FIT technology to optimize pay-as-you-grow capacity expansion. This technology runs multiple predictive algorithms to find the best fit and produces actionable recommendations to optimize usage of provisioned capacity with a single click.

Nutanix Machine Learning Engine X-FIT

X-FIT is a highly scalable, application aware machine learning engine that powers Nutanix Prism capabilities such as Predictive Capacity Planning. Unlike capacity planning tools that extrapolate historical data patterns, X-Fit is application-aware and employs multiple predictive algorithms that continually compete with one another to determine the most precise forecast.

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Capacity Behavior Trends

Prism’s predictive analysis engine forecasts the capacity needs of applications running on a Nutanix cluster, giving the IT team the ability to proactively plan for infrastructure needs. Prism continuously monitors usage of CPU, memory and storage across the cluster and accurately predicts when a cluster will run out of resources, known as a capacity runway.

Nutanix Prism Capacity Behavior Trends

Advanced Algorithms

Instead of using a single algorithm that may contain limitations such as STL, ARIMA or Theta, Prism uses X-FIT to run multiple algorithms, analyzing various models for the most accurate prediction.

Just-in-time Provisioning

Instant assessments help IT teams ensure business organizations never run out of capacity. Accurate predictive analysis enables you to plan infrastructure needs and optimize budget.

Capacity Optimization Advisor

Working closely with the Capacity Behavior Trends capability, the Capacity Optimization Advisor analyzes usage across all the applications and provides recommendations to improve capacity usage and increase runway.

Nutanix Prism Capacity Optimization Advisor

VM Behavioral Analysis

The Advisor can maximize resource utilization by detecting idle or "zombie" VMs that can be removed, identifying over-provisioned or constrained VMs and then providing right-sizing recommendations.

Hardware Analysis

If no additional optimizations can be performed, the advisor will recommend specific hardware models that can be added to the cluster to increase capacity and maintain a healthy runway.

Runway Planning

IT admins can specify a target runway and get recommendations for hardware models that should be added to increase the runway to the specified value. The advisor uses the Nutanix Sizer tool to ensure consistency.

Just In Time Forecast

Powered by X-Fit, Prism’s Just In Time Forecast capability precisely sizes for future workload growth based on past, current and future workload demands, then recommends a capacity expansion schedule based on when and what infrastructure will be needed.

Prism Just in Time

Time-saving Modeling Options

Use predefined workload inputs for popular applications like VDI, SQL Server, Splunk, XenApp or VMs, or use a percentage to model capacity change in minutes instead of days.

Eliminate Guesswork

Accurate prediction of what is needed and when eliminates guesswork in capacity planning, saving time spent analyzing and minimizing risk of surprises.

Pay As You Grow

With accurate recommendations for capacity growth, there is no need to overprovision, so IT can stay tightly aligned with business growth.

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