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Gain marketable credentials in enterprise cloud technology

Nutanix delivers a comprehensive range of learning activities that encompass core product training, application workloads and the full scope of web-scale IT. Our professional certification programs attest that you have the skills necessary to manage and deploy Nutanix technology.


Take advantage of a wide range of courses offered by for every member of your IT team.  In-classroom and online learning options provide flexibility while delivering an engaging experience.


Nutanix professional certifications attest that you have the skills necessary to manage and deploy Nutanix technology. We offer a range of specializations to showcase your expertise.

Nutanix Platform Professional Certification

The Nutanix Platform Professional (NPP) certification confirms your ability to install, configure, and manage the Nutanix environment.

How to Prepare: The Nutanix Administration course is recommended prior to taking the certification. The course is offered in multiple formats, including self-paced Online-Plus course, instructor-led virtual or in-person. The instructor led course is a full 2-day course offered by one of our authorized trainers around the world.

Find more information about the Administration Course.

The NPP exam is free to all Nutanix customers and partners. Request an account from

Nutanix Support Specialist Certification

The Nutanix Support Specialist (NSS) certification verifies the skills necessary to provide Level 1 & 2 support for a Nutanix cluster. Originally designed for Nutanix Support personnel and Authorized Support Partners, the NSS certification is now open to customers. Prerequisite: NPP Certification.

How to Prepare: NPP Certification is a prerequisite for this certification.  The Nutanix Troubleshooting course is recommended prior to taking the certification.

Find more information about the Troubleshooting Course.

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Request an account from to take the exam.

Nutanix Platform Expert Certification

The Nutanix Platform Expert (NPX) certification is a peer-vetted, hypervisor agnostic certification designed for veteran solution engineers, consultants, and architects. This program aims to make every NPX a superb technologist, a visionary evangelist for Web-scale, and a true Enterprise Architect – capable of designing and delivering a wide range of cutting-edge solutions that are custom built to support the business goals of the Global 2000 and government agencies in every region of the world.

Apply to take the exam.

Nutanix Platform Sales Representative

Nutanix Platform Sales Representative (NPSR) is training and accreditation for Nutanix Partners. Learn from sales experts based on proven success and experience with customers. NPSR will give you the information you need to identify opportunities, perform initial meetings and register deals.

Nutanix Platform Sales Specialist

Nutanix Platform Sales Specialist (NPSS) is training and accreditation for Nutanix Partners to learn how to probe deeper into customer pain points and how to better position Nutanix into key workloads and vertical markets.

Nutanix Platform Sales Champion

Nutanix Platform Sales Champion (NPSC) is training and accreditation for Nutanix Partners. Learn best practices on how to take Nutanix deals from start to close, along with the tools and resources our own team uses to speak with C-Levels and win deals.

Nutanix Platform Sales eXpert Certification

Nutanix Platform Sales eXpert Certification (NPSX) is a certification for the most elite Nutanix sellers. Once you complete all the Sales Academy levels of NPSR, NPSS, and NPSC, you are eligible to become certified as an NPSX once nominated by Nutanix.

Nutanix Partner Sales Academy

The Academy consists of four levels of certification and has the same “peer-to-peer” training we provide our internal teams, delivered by our own sales experts – based on their personal experiences. You can earn a certificate of completion – and prizes along the way – for each of the levels of online coursework and quizzes that you successfully complete.

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