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    • VMs
    • 1000
    • HDD
    • 100GB
    • RAM
    • 2GB
    • vCPU
    • 4

Add capacity and performance only when you need it. No more costly overprovisioning.

Shipped in days. Deployed in minutes.

That's 30x Faster time to value.

Do away with the cost and complexity of setting up storage arrays and networks.

No More

Port bonding
RAID groups
RAID set sizes
LUN masking

Significantly reduce the cost of hypervisor licensing.

Install the hypervisor of your choice with a single click.

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Up to

90% 90%

Power and space savings
with hyperconverged infrastructure

Free Yourself of Storage Management.

No more managing disparate systems.

Prism UI

Eliminate the cost of specialized IT skills at every location.

Single pane of glass for multiple clusters around the world.

No more management silos.

One platform for all of your workloads.

Ready. Set. Grow.

Scale compute and storage in minutes. Reduce operational overhead.


Scale to any size environment with 100% predictability and no risk.

Refresh your infrastructure without data migration or downtime.

We got your back.

96% Customer Satisfaction Score. Hundreds of hours saved in troubleshooting.

One contact for all your server, storage, and virtualization needs.


Find and fix issues instantly with analytics and monitoring.

Fewer open tickets, faster time to resolution.

  • Hypervisor Due for Upgrade
  • Software Upgrade & Maintenance
  • Patch Updates Available
  • Disk Space Capacity Low
  • VM Consumption High
  • General Troubleshooting

We’ve got you covered with 24/7 expert support worldwide.

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So How much will you save?

Total 3 Year Cost

Total 3 Year Cost

Virtual Machines:

That’s over

saved with Nutanix.

don’t take our word for it.

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“Our previous SAN and server infrastructure was 200% more per desktop compared to Nutanix on this new project.”
“Nutanix technology has enabled Toyota to further simplify its datacenter infrastructure, improve performance and lower costs.”
“We expect cost reductions in the order of 50-65% with Nutanix & reduced datacenter footprint from 192U to 12U, a 16:1 reduction.”

Nutanix vs. Traditional Infrastructure TCO & ROI Comparison.

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